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Who We Are?

Andaman International Clinic has been first established last November 11, 2014 in a very beautiful place, Long beach, in the island of Koh Lanta Thailand as a primary health care facility. Our facility renders special medical services to both Thailand's people and foreigners who seek medical help. We have professional and highly trained staffs that is fluent in English and other Languages ready to serve and give quality care to people 24/7. We aim to be one of the best health care facility in Thailand and if fortunate enough, throughout Asia or the whole world.

Medical Services and Specialties



Doctor's on call 24/7

Laboratory Testing


Minor Surgeries

Wound Care



Andaman international Clinic is also well known for giving service to people with fair prices in accordance to their medical concerns and needs. Our facility have reasonable price for people who pay upfront or cash basis.

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