Welcome to Andaman International Clinic
Open Monday to Sunday - 24 Hours Contact: +66 (0)75 656 188


International Clinic has been first established last November 11, 2014 in a very beautiful place, Long beach, in the island of Koh Lanta Thailand as a primary health care facility. Our facility renders special medical services to both Thailand’s people and foreigners who seek medical help. We have professional and highly trained staffs that is fluent in English and other Languages ready to serve and give quality care to people 24/7. We aim to be one of the best health care facility in Thailand and if fortunate enough, throughout Asia or the whole world.

The clinic renders ambulance transportation with our medical team and has been cooperating with other well respected Hospital in the mainland like WATTANAPAT TRANG HOSPITAL, KRABI NAKHARIN HOSPITAL, PHUKET INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL and BANGKOK PHUKET HOSPITAL for patient who is need of specialist consultation, further investigation and proper management that the clinic might not be able to handle for it is considered primary healthcare.

Andaman International clinic has been assisting and working hand in hand with the government Hospital in Koh Lanta and government emergency care team to give emergency and medical help for the patients or the people in need.

The facility has been known and opened a new Branch in the southern part of the Koh Lanta Island, Klong nin Beach and to the very touristic place that is known to be “the Maldives of Thailand” Koh Lipe Island.

The main Branch is located in 458/3, M. 3 ,T.Saladan ,A.Kohlanta ,Krabi ,Thailand 81150 second branch is in 33- 33/1 Moo 8, Klong Nin, Koh LantaYai, Koh Lanta District, Krabi Thailand 81150 and the newly open Branch is 173 M. 7 T. Koh Sarai A. Muang Satun  , Satun. Thailand 91110

Andaman international clinic primarily consists of well trained, professional staffs that graduated and studied abroad. Our team is knowledgeable and can speak 5 languages that we are known for, so it will be easier to deal with different kinds of patients. Our team consists of 4 professional doctors, nurses, international medical coordinators, nurse aids, EMS team and well trained medical staffs. Our staff treats and works together as a family to provide optimum care to our patients who ever they are.


“To be one of the best medical health care facility that serves people with persistent high quality service with compassionate manner.”


“to serve people with their specific health care needs at all times.”


We believe in caring and giving service to the patient with respect and faith. We work together and treat each other as family for growth and prosperity to provide more efficient service to our patients.